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Facial reconstruction is a broad term that covers any procedure designed to repair a facial defect. Such a defect may be congenital, or it may be due to an accident or trauma. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Montilla performs a range of complex facial reconstruction procedures, allowing patients to once again feel whole.

When Is Facial Reconstruction Needed?

Facial reconstruction can be performed on virtually any patient who has suffered trauma to the face, head or neck. Facial reconstruction candidates also include those with congenital defects or skin cancer. Dr. Montilla’s facial reconstruction patients have included victims of:

  • Dog bites
  • Automobile accidents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Assault or Domestic Violence
  • Skin cancer
  • Other types of trauma or disease
Facial Reconstruction Greater Greater Boston Area Area

What Types of Facial Reconstruction does Dr. Montilla Offer?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Montilla offers his patients several types of facial reconstruction. During each, he takes the care necessary to not only provide a cosmetic cover-up, but also to address the underlying structure, ensuring the result is both cosmetic and functional. Facial reconstruction procedures include:

  • Nasal reconstruction: Whether a patient was born with a deviated septum or has suffered some sort of facial trauma, nasal reconstruction is invaluable for one’s quality of life. In Greater Greater Boston Area Area and Worcester, Dr. Montilla helps patients regain their sense of smell, improve nasal breathing, and get relief from cosmetic deformities.
  • Mohs reconstruction: If you received Mohs cancer excision, it is imperative to then undergo facial reconstruction surgery to repair the defect. Dr. Kim will work with your Mohs surgeon to ensure you can undergo reconstruction as quickly as possible, leaving you free to resume your life free from cancer.
  • Scar Revision: Unsightly scars attract the wrong kind of attention. When it comes to facial scar revision, you want a surgeon experienced in this delicate, complex procedure. Dr. Montilla offers a range of both surgical and non-surgical scar revision techniques and is known for drastically reducing the appearance of facial scars.

Facial Reconstruction Recovery

After facial reconstruction in Greater Greater Boston Area Area or Worcester, our office will be there to help you through the entirety of your recovery. Because each facial reconstruction case is different, we cannot tell you through this website what your exact recovery period will be like. During your initial consultation, Dr. Montilla can give you a better idea of what you can expect after surgery.

Facial Reconstruction Greater Greater Boston Area Area

How is Facial Reconstruction Different from Cosmetic Facial Surgery?

Cosmetic facial surgery has the specific goal is improving an issue that is solely cosmetic. As an example, rhinoplasty may be performed on a patient who has no trouble breathing but is embarrassed about some aspect of their nose. Cosmetic facial surgery is considered elective and will not be covered by insurance.

In contrast, reconstructive facial surgery is performed to repair a functional impairment, brought about by trauma or congenital defects. In most cases, reconstructive facial surgery will be covered by insurance. Our office is dedicated to helping you get the care you need and will assist with the insurance application.

Can Children Undergo Facial Reconstruction?

Children can absolutely undergo facial reconstruction. At Montilla Plastic Surgery in Greater Greater Boston Area Area and Worcester, our sole purpose is improving quality of life. If a child has sustained injury or trauma requiring reconstruction, Dr. Montilla makes it his priority to ensure that child gets necessary treatment. In fact, he understands the inherent differences in operating on a child, and may choose to work in coordination with a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist. If you have any further questions about child facial reconstruction, please call our office.

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