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Do you look in the mirror and find an angry-looking face staring back at you? Do people often say that you look tired or grumpy? Many women (and men) have moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles, caused by a gradual loss of skin elasticity and repeatedly frowning or squinting, often subconsciously.

The anti-aging magic of BOTOX at Montilla Plastic Surgery

Here at Montilla Plastic Surgery, we offer treatments of BOTOX in Worcester. BOTOX® is a purified protein that is FDA approved to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, and some lines around the eyes by relaxing the muscles and allowing the lines to soften and smooth out. BOTOX in Boston treatments can help you to achieve a more youthful and brighter appearance by utilizing BOTOX injections into the muscles under the skin causing the fine lines and wrinkles. This is a comfortable in-office procedure to give you a fresh look before a big event or to just look in the mirror and feel happier about how your face looks.

You can rest assured that Dr. Montilla buys BOTOX® only from Allergan, the manufacturer, and not any “discount pharmaceutical company” or any other source.

Botox Boston

How BOTOX works

BOTOX® is a protein that is injected using a very fine needle into overactive facial muscles, which blocks the chemicals that cause specific muscles to contract. BOTOX fully relaxes the muscle that is contracting and causing the skin to wrinkle above it. By softening the muscle, the skin is then able to stop contracting and softens up to become smooth again. BOTOX in Boston is a quick, minimally invasive procedure done in our offices that leads to a brighter more youthful appearance for you.


You may resume all regular activities immediately after injection but refrain from strenuous exercise following treatment. Bruising may occur at the injection site, and a mild headache may be experienced for a day or two. It often takes a few days to see the results of your Boston BOTOX® treatment, with peak reaction 3-4 weeks after injection. Results last 3-5 months, depending on the severity of the area being treated.

How long do BOTOX results last?

Results from your BOTOX treatment can last anywhere from 3-5 months, depending on the severity of the areas being treated. As the muscle action slowly returns, the lines and wrinkles that had been smoothed away will begin to reappear. These lines and wrinkles will often be less evident as the muscle, through the BOTOX treatment are being trained to relax.

Before and After


Is BOTOX the right treatment for me?

BOTOX in Worcester is the right treatment for you if you are a healthy, mature adult and want to visibly smooth and reduce natural facial lines due to the process of aging. Yes, we all get older, and the effects of this can translate into laugh lines, crow's feet, frown lines, and other signs of aging skin. Luckily the mechanics of this process can be halted to some degree through the use of BOTOX. To find out if BOTOX in Boston treatment is an appropriate aesthetic treatment for you, schedule a consultation with our office. We can review your medical and health history and help you to decide the best cosmetic treatment for you to achieve your goal of a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Why should I choose Montilla Plastic Surgery?

Choosing Montilla Plastic Surgery as your place to receive BOTOX treatments put you in the skilled, knowledgeable, and caring hands of Dr. Montilla and his staff. BOTOX is a treatment that should only be provided by trained and knowledgeable practitioners under a doctor's supervision. Montilla Plastic Surgery delivers all this and more. The Dr. and his staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care with your wellbeing and comfort as a priority. From the initial consultation through to treatment, you will feel secure in the knowledge that you are receiving skilled and high-level care to achieve your aesthetic goals.


Will BOTOX get rid of deep wrinkles?

Our BOTOX treatments in Worcester can reduce the depth of deep wrinkles, but this may take more than one treatment to achieve the desired look that you want. The doctor can prescribe a course of treatment for you once the consultation is done, determining how many injections would be needed and how many treatments might be needed to address deeper lines and wrinkles.

What happens when BOTOX wears off?

When the BOTOX wears off, the muscle will gradually reactivate and begin its normal activities of contracting as you go about your regular routines. This will lead to the gradual redevelopment of the lines or wrinkles. In some cases, these will come back with less severity than before treatment. If this is concerning to you, then definitely schedule a consultation to look into re-treating the areas of concern.

How much research has gone into BOTOX?

In the 1950s and 60's research developed around the beneficial aspects of what later became known as BOTOX. Scientists were able to purify the botulinum toxin type A into a crystalline form and then test its efficacy on blocking muscle contractions in medical applications. Research carried on through the '80s noting that during treatment of a condition that causes muscle spasms in the eyelids that there was a noticeable reduction of frown lines around the eye where the injections were done. This was a revelation to the cosmetic industry and led to more research specifically for use as a cosmetic tr