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After surgery, most of us are eager to return home and resume our daily routines. We’re aware of most typical recovery guidelines, such as relaxation, proper rest, and a healthy diet. But few people are aware that treating yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage after surgery reduces swelling, promotes healing, and improves overall recovery time and aesthetic results.

At Montilla Plastic Surgery, we have specially-trained massage therapists who provide a lymphatic drainage massage before or after surgery to ensure optimal recovery and results. The massage isn’t performed by Dr. Montilla, but he informs the massage therapist of your specific concerns to ensure they implement the ideal massage techniques for your specific needs. We have added this to a carefully chosen set of Dr. Montilla's surgeries, pre and post op, to improve the outcome.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

The lymphatic system consists of channels (lymphatics; a vessel similar to a vein, that conveys lymph in the body) that run throughout your body and lead into the large lymph nodes. This entire system has the crucial task of expelling toxins, waste, and unwanted materials. It also transports white blood cells that fight infection. Thus, ensuring optimal lymphatic drainage function after surgery is vital.

During a lymph drainage massage, a specially-trained massage therapist uses a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the client’s body. The light rhythmic movements, applied without massage oil, stimulate the lymphatic system without compressing the vessels – allowing lymph to move easily through the tissues and lymph nodes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

How is a lymphatic drainage massage different from a regular massage?

A lymphatic drainage massage uses different kinds of movements to produce different results. The primary goal of a traditional massage is to relieve pressure from the muscles. Meanwhile, the primary goal of a lymphatic drainage massage is to address the skin and improve the lymphatic system.

During a lymphatic drainage massage, the therapist uses long and rhythmic strokes that open and shut the lymphatics, preventing lymph from getting sucked down the vessels. Furthermore, the massage therapist also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to ensure relaxation and comfort.

What are the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is often recommended before and after surgical procedures, especially liposuction, butt lifts, and tummy tucks. These procedures disrupt the lymphatic channels, and thus they may take around 2 to 3 months to establish new connections. However, a lymphatic drainage massage significantly improves recovery.

The massage reduces swelling and improves the overall cosmetic results by decreasing congested tissues. By massaging more fluid towards the lymphatic channels, the massage therapist helps ensure quick fluid absorption. Because lymphatic congestion also increases risk of infection, the massage reduces the risk of post-op infections.

A lymphatic drainage massage also reduces swelling by taking the pressure off incision lines, usually caused by lymphatic congestion. All things considered, a lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling, ensures lymphatic system health, fluid absorption, and decreases lymphatic congestion and infections.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Gisele

Your lymphatic drainage massage is performed by Gisele, our medical aesthetician. Patients love her gentle touch and trust her experience with and understanding of this unique procedure. Gisele loves to help patients look and feel their very best with lymphatic massage, and she begins your procedure by ensuring you understand what to expect as you undergo the treatment.

At Montilla Plastic Surgery, we offer 60 minute and 90 minute massage sessions. We have package pricing available for our massages as well, please reach out to us to find out more.

Why choose Montilla Plastic Surgery?

Montilla Plastic Surgery is one of the few plastic surgery clinics with specialized massage therapists who provide a lymphatic massage before or after surgery. Most other plastic surgery clinics recommend traditional recovery guidelines, and make it essentially your responsibility to find a suitable massage therapist and brief them on your procedure.

But at Montilla Plastic Surgery, our renowned plastic surgeon carefully discusses the details of your procedure and recovery with the professional massage therapist to ensure you receive a targeted massage. Montilla Plastic Surgery significantly improves your overall post-surgery result and recovery prospects.

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