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What is the O-Shot?

When it comes to restoring sexual wellness in both a cosmetic and functional capacity, the O-Shot at Montilla Plastic Surgery is an innovative, non-surgical procedure. It is performed by extracting a small amount of blood and processing it to extract platelet rich plasma. This platelet rich plasma has a regenerative effect on the tissues, as well as growth factors that stimulate your body’s healing properties. When re-injected into specific areas of the vagina, it works to restore strength, firmness, and sensation of the vaginal tissues from within the body. This results in increased stimulation, restoration of vaginal tissues, and rejuvenation of appearance.

Benefits of the O-Shot

  • Reduction of urinary incontinence
  • Increase in natural lubrication
  • Improved texture and appearance of the vagina
  • Improved tightness of the area
  • Increase of sensation and sexual pleasure
O-Shot and P-Shot in Greater Boston Area

What to Expect During the O-Shot Treatment

At Montilla Plastic Surgery, the O-Shot is an in-office treatment in the privacy of our office. The first step is to draw a small amount of blood—around the same amount used for a lab test. We then use a centrifuge to spin the blood and isolate the PRP.

Once the PRP is ready for re-injection, we will numb the vaginal area with local anesthetic. We will then inject the PRP directly into the vaginal tissues, prompting a restoration of sexual response from within the tissues themselves. From start to finish, the O-Shot procedure lasts about one hour. Most patients report no discomfort throughout the process.

What Is a P-Shot?

The P-Shot (Priapus Shot) is a minimally invasive procedure similar to the O-Shot, but is designed for men. It targets erectile dysfunction and delivers long-term results. Not only does this procedure improve sexual performance, it also increases the size of the penis.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the P-Shot?

Candidates for the P-Shot include men of all ages who wish to increase sexual performance, as well as increase penis size.

While increased sexual wellness is the primary purpose of the P-Shot, this treatment can also help men who suffer from:

  • Inability to get erections
  • Erections that are insufficient for sex
  • Loss of sexual sensation
  • Low stamina and sexual ability
  • Urinary incontinence and prostate issues

As you can see, Dr. Montilla can use the P-Shot to treat a spectrum of male sexual wellness issues. It can be used for men who have lost sexual function due to side effects of prescription drugs, prostate issues, or even medical conditions such as Type II diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure).

How Does the P-Shot Excel Over ED Drugs?

Unlike ED drugs, the P-Shot uses the patient’s own blood, and therefore no foreign substances. As a result, it has no reported allergic reactions or side effects. It also does not cause flushing or headaches. There are no pills or prescriptions, and patients can resume their normal activities almost immediately. Results last up to a year and a half.

O-Shot and P-Shot in Greater Boston Area

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